All About NorMont!


History of NorMont Equipment Co.

NorMont Equipment Company was founded in 1947 by 4 partners from Billings, Montana. Together, the colleagues purchased Hi-Line Equipment Company, located in Great Falls, Montana, changing the name to NorMont Equipment Company.

NorMont Equipment represents both the construction and farm divisions –  to better accommodate to their growing staff and expanding customer base, in 1958 they made a drastic move to a newly constructed facility in Black Eagle; a small township adjacent to Great Falls.

In addition to the equipment lines that NorMont Equipment had primarily initiated, a reliable rental line along with lines of equipment just for the specific needs of the companies growing list of municipal customers, was added to the inventory.

After being repeatedly handed down through family, the choice was made to retire and sell the company; Ritaway Investment Group purchased NorMont Equipment Co. in 2015. President of the company, Andrew Abernathey, realized that NorMont would continue to grow and prosper- but in order to do that, he needed a full-time leader to help maintain the existing customer base and to help the company flourish to the next level.

Just a few months after the purchase, Luke Stewart was hired on as NorMont Equipment’s General Manager and Vice President. Luke came to Montana from Idaho, where he was a Territory Sales Manager and was heavily involved with selling Municipal Equipment.

Luke’s goal for NorMont Equipment is to surround himself with key people that will be vital to the expansion of the company’s existing customer base. Those key people and their vast knowledge will be favorable when securing partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers the company will represent in its respected area of responsibility.

Now, in 2019, NorMont Equipment has grown into an esteemed business, with 3 main sales representatives; Luke Stewart himself, located in Montana- Jessie Carr, located in Montana (moved here from Idaho) & Pam Klabo, located in North Dakota. Our office operators; Stephanie Kunkel (Office Manager) & Tasha Hueth (Administrative & Office Assistant, Website Coordinator).

NorMont Equipment Co. continues to grow each and every day and is anticipated to be doubled in size within the next few years.